04. Sea Breeze

What started out as fun turned into me actually getting sponsors and maybe blogging more than I thought which is fine with me! So here I am blogging another great outfit by my current favorite Toddleedoo store: Tiptoes! 

I am a little late to the game with this outfit as it was @ Color Me Cute June Round (Oops!)
But it's never to late to visit Tiptoes main store in world where they have tons of clothing for Boys and Girls! Along with a ton of 100% Original Gacha :D

What I'm wearing:

. tiptoes - Sea Breeze Romper - Pink [B]
(This outfit comes in Blue, Teal & Pink)

Doe: Puddin (Solid) /UNrigged/ - Browns

As always thanks for clicking onto my blog and sharing - all that stuff you do Hugs!


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