43. Dream Land.

*Sponsored By: Beau Bebe & . Tiptoes -* Thanks!

Beau Bebe Jessie Dress {Teleport} Opens April 1st.

This dress is available through the month for Shop Hop, during the event it will cost just 75L afterwards it goes up to 150L. How shop hop works is you join their group to get  a Hud. It will be a list of store names. All you do is click the name on the list to go and after you've visited them all you receive a free prize from this months sponsor: Petit Macaron.

{Paste:secondlife:///app/group/4969370a-3d1c-6052-cca2-b1abf936a13f/about into your local chat window in world and click the link to join it's FREE)

. tiptoes - Vintage Mary Janes - Rose [ B ] @ Playroom.

-{Valderie}- Petal Bag Chairs - Pink {Teleport} (Shop Hop)

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