56. Be you tiful :)

Hi again friends! This blog post is featuring {Clove} and their adorable little dress for Shop Hop! If you've never heard of this event before be sure to read the following so you know exactly how it works and most importantly how to SHOP!

What you do is paste: (secondlife:///app/group/4969370a-3d1c-6052-cca2-b1abf936a13f/about) into your local/nearby chat and click the Shop Hop Link and join the group upon the opening date the HUD will be sent out with each participating stores name on the list along with a bonus, everything made for this event is 100 or less - after the event it goes back to the stores original price AND if you go to every store you get a special BONUS prize. 

Special Thanks to Clove & Juniper

{Clove} Teagan {Teal}{B}

Teleport to Clove & Juniper


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