58. Back from the dead, no actually...


Oh my goodness, well hello! So to start this off I just want to say that: yes I have been gone an extremely long time and I had alot of things in real life come up which has what kept me away for so long! Sometimes real life and health issues are no joke, and as always real life should come first. And mine definitely did. I won't go into details but I was diagnosed with a pretty serious condition and needed to undergo treatment. It was a long journey and quite honestly life draining these past three years. BUT I have missed my friends and family on Second Life so I've come back from the dead to revamp my blog and maybe get something started up here again.

I've always had a passion for photography and writing so this is now going to be my safe place where I can blog and write about all the cute things for kids in Second Life. If you are somehow seeing this (I'm not sure anyone still does! aha) I appreciate you and hope to catch up more soon. 

I've also been trying my hand at creating things again and have added a few new things to my marketplace store if anyone would like to check it out there's a link on my blog. ♥

xo - Lily


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