10. Tiptoes @ The Playroom

Today I was out and about playing outside but the weather is starting to get chilly so I grabbed this awwwwdorable fuzzy coat from the Playroom! . Tiptoes - has created this super duper warm cuddly coat perfect for the cold months to come. 
In this Gacha there are 12 commons with 2 rares available at 50L a play

What Am I Wearing?

. tiptoes - Fuzzy Fur Coat - Neutrals RARE [ B ]

Visit The Playroom (Opens Tomorrow)

Sweet<3 Fall Ready - Socks & Boots [B Size]
Sweet<3 Fall Ready [B size] Red
(My store)

Doe: Loopsie (solid) - Browns

Thanks SO Much for Reading/Liking/Sharing!
Love, Lily


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