48. Lazy Days can be FUN days!

Yep that's right lazy days can be fun days to do whatever you want! I wanted to play on the slide so I put on this super comfy outfit by {Juniper} I'm wearing the pink one but they come in a whole bunch of different colors, in kid and baby toddleedoo sizes! So if your having one of those days and just want to lounge around and play, this outfit would be perfect! :D

*Sponsored By: {Clove & Juniper} Thanks so Much!!*

{Juniper} Lazy Day {B} Hoodie {Rose Quartz} @ Ninety-Nine.
{Juniper} Lazy Day {B} Shorts {Rose Quartz} @ Ninety-Nine.


TRUTH - Cerys Hair + VIP group Bangs
Toddleedoo - Socks (on the HUD)
Lazo - Heart Sneakers FATPACK
Tiptoes: Refillable Water bottle - Blue

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